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Motorists Flee As Wildfire Races Across California Freeway – 1000 Firefighters Battle The Flames

A common complaint people make about southern California is that the seasons never change. That is malarkey. California has two distinct seasons. Normal and fire. We are currently in the midst of fire season, where it seems like there is a constant wildfire threatening to destroy LA. So far, no luck.

On Friday though, a wildfire ripped through the Cajon Pass, pretty much surrounding a section of I-15. The blaze jumped the highway, destroyed about 20 vehicles, injured two people, burned through 3,500 acres, and took about 1,000 (yes, one thousand) firefighters to contain.

As the flames consumed car after car on the highway, in what I will just assume was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to anyone stuck there, firefighting helicopters attempted to contain the fire, but were delayed due to drones flying in the area. This has apparently been an ongoing problem in California recently, as the drones pose a safety risk to the helicopters. So, in the future, if there’s a huge fire that needs to be put out from the sky, feel free to keep your drones away from the area so that you don’t end up getting everybody on the ground killed.

Here’s a short news report with some more pics and video from the scene.

ABC US News | World News

The fire was aided by the dryness of the brush in the area, a nasty side-effect of that historic drought California is dealing with. There isn’t a whole lot I can do for them, but I did write them this little ditty. Pay no attention to the fact that this was recorded in 1970, is clearly being played by The Who, and is also not a ditty.

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