MRA Group Goes On Gross ‘No Hymen, No Diamond’ Mission To Find Perfect Virgin

You’d think adult men who link concepts like purity with virginity when seeking a wife or life partner would be, at best, a relic from a forgotten era. However, that’s not the case for the MRA Facebook group titled “No Hymen No Diamond,” which uses the title of the group and other vomit-inducing slogans like “popped cherry, don’t marry” as the rallying cry on the hunt for a perfect virgin.

You know, because women are lining up to date these guys.

“#NoHymenNoDiamond first appeared as a Twitter hashtag around Oct. 2014, ” wrote Marisa Kabas for Daily Dot. “The inception of the term seems to have been organized on a forum for the Return of Kings, a website operated by MRA poster child and pick-up artist extraordinaire Roosh V, with the intent of trolling.”

The hashtag has snowballed into a Facebook group in which men actively slut-shame women by posting memes denigrating them based on whatever arbitrary number of sex partners they deem excessive. As you can guess, the fewer the women’s sex partners, the greater her worth. And as Mark Shrayber of Jezebel pointed out, that ratio is designed to make men feel special under the guise that no man wants to marry another’s “used garbage.”

#NoHymenNoDiamond has really gotten some women pretty fired up, and as always, we understand why.Knowing that a…

Posted by No Hymen No Diamond on Sunday, May 24, 2015

The memes the members regularly post are wildly disturbing.

The answer to this equation is an an intact hymen.#NoHymenNoDiamond

Posted by No Hymen No Diamond on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Many of the posts also advocate a ludicrous “two-finger test” to surmise that a sex partner has an intact hymen and is indeed a virgin. Never mind the fact that an unbroken hymen isn’t an accurate indicator of virginity and can be broken the first time a woman uses a tampon.

If you’re wondering if the same standards of purity apply to the men of this weird Neil LaBute fever dream, come on, of course they don’t. Still, given the nearly impossible standards they are imposing on potential mates, it’s a wonder that they have sex with anyone at all.

“Good luck finding a girl in her late twenties that’s a virgin, is not batshit crazy, and is bangable,” said one commenter from a forum thread. “You’re talking about the 0.00000001%. and what’s the hangup on girls who’ve dated 2-3 guys in her life? That’s normal. If you get a virgin, how would you know the sex won’t be like watching paint dry until it’s too late?”

The idiot meathead sort of makes some salient points.

Although it’s easy to write off this weird misogynist splinter group as a bizarre outlier regarding the overall attitudes towards female sexuality, it’s not like the slut-shaming and the importance placed on women’s numbers isn’t prevalent in more enlightened spheres of polite society — not to mention the fact that many religions place a premium on women’s virginity. It’s just that these men are expressing an existing overall societal fear of women’s sexual freedom in a highly condensed form.



MRA Group Goes On Gross ‘No Hymen, No Diamond’ Mission To Find Perfect Virgin

4 replies on “MRA Group Goes On Gross ‘No Hymen, No Diamond’ Mission To Find Perfect Virgin”

This works if all the people in a culture set an expectation of virginity. If so, any unmarried woman who is not a virgin more or less only has the option of hanging herself.

It breaks down when a foreigner comes along and goes, sure, if you don’t want her I’ll take her and she can come live with me and all the virgins can be her servants.

This is pretty much why muslims in Britain make such an effort to isolate their girls from the rest of our society. If the girls break from tradition, they get an ‘honour killing’ or shipped back to dug-dug land to be ‘honour killed’ at home.

This kind of lunatic lack of self respect ( by the men) makes me so furious.- It would be laughable if it wasn’t that some of these poisonous rejects can get quite nasty, and sadly some women buy into the idea too. give me an entire sack of coal and loads of sex please- no use for a diamond- or celibacy. I will be warm and satisfied though…

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