As Much As You Might Want To, If This Woman Sends You A Facebook Friend Request, Don’t Accept It

We have all gotten friend requests on Facebook from people we don’t know. Rarely, however, at least for me, are these unknown people sexy blonde flight attendants.

Because if I did get a friend request from a random sexy blonde flight attendant I might actually consider accepting. You would too, wouldn’t you?

Turns out that might be a bad idea though. Especially if her name is Ellie Reece.

That’s because she doesn’t actually exist. Oh, her pictures are of a real person and her job title is correct, it’s just that it isn’t her. It’s a woman named Vanessa who discovered that someone was using her photos on a fake Facebook account.

Oh yeah, this “Ellie Reece” was also asking dudes who friended her for nudes. So yeah, not cool.

The 28-year-old, from Cork, Ireland, told The Sun Online: “A guy who had been speaking to the fake account for three months messaged me on Saturday night asking if my name is Ellie Reece.

“I searched the name and found an account with all of my photos on it, taken from my Facebook and Instagram.”

Vanessa began telling men who had commented on photos they were speaking to a “Catfish” – someone who uses other people’s photographs to start online relationships – and was horrified to learn many had received naked photos from the account.

The victims had even sent nude snaps in return – and are terrified to think who may have got hold of them.

Vanessa fears the Catfish could have collected photos of over 1,000 men – as she has more than 1,200 friends on Facebook.

Upon this discovery Vanessa reported the fraud to Facebook, who then proceeded to … deactivate her account instead of the fake one, natch. They did later actually get it right and reinstate her real account.

Speaking about the naked photos, she added: “I know it wasn’t my body, but it’s so scary to think people could have these photos of random people’s bodies and think they are me.”

The account only ever sent photos from the neck down, so no face was ever visible.

Vanessa, who deactivated the Instagram account she uses for work after the discovery, said: “One guy told me she seemed so real, as she had sent him naked photos – so he sent her some back. She sent him a message saying ‘get your n** out’ and he actually sent her d*** pics

“I can only imagine these other 1,200 guys have done the exact same thing.”

I don’t want to imagine it, nor do any of you guys, so be careful out there on the world wide web. Sometimes it really is better to be safe than sorry.


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