Mugshot Of Mom With Tattooed Eyeballs Is Scaring Folks On The Internet

Well, that’s one way to go viral.

While cops are probably pretty damn happy to take most gal’s mugshots, I can’t say they felt the same way taking Morgan Joyce Varn’s mugshot recently. The 24-year-old mother was arrested after robbing a dude of his money and phone, and then refusing to leave her home for police — even going as far as threatening to shoot the people inside the home. The SWAT team eventually got her out.

But that’s not why Varn has gone viral. It’s actually her nightmare mugshot that includes tattooed eyeballs and a forehead tattoo. Take a look.

Police are actually pretty familiar with the South Carolina woman, as they helped deliver her baby daughter back in 2015 when her water broke and there wasn’t enough time to get to the hospital.

“Thank God for these cops who were there for us,” Varn said at the time. But this is what Varn looked like back then.

Oh how times have changed.

Varn wasn’t alone this time around, as she and 23-year-old Jonathan Mikael Robinson robbed the victim and then barricade themselves.

“I’m not coming out, and unless you have a search warrant you are not coming in, so go away!” Varn screamed at police.

Well, eventually, after several hours, the pair was handcuffed and charged. Varn was charged with kidnapping, robbery and property damages.



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