Murder Suspect On The Run For 5 Years Found Hiding In Drawer

Murder Suspect On The Run For 5 Years Found Hiding In Drawer

You would think that a dude on the run for five years would be pretty experienced in avoiding getting busted, but that’s not the case with Steven Touch, a murder suspect who was finally caught after five years on the run. And where was he found? Hiding in a drawer.

The hunt for the Massachusetts man, who was on the Massachusetts State Police “Most Wanted” list, finally came to a close earlier this week when police found Touch in a drawer built into a bed frame inside a home. Touch and his two accomplices, Sophan Keo and Gabriel Arias, broke into 22-year-old Quintin Koehler’s home and fatally shot him in 2012. Touch will now be the final suspect in Koehler’s murder to be arranged.


Prosecutors believe the suspect has ties to a street gang called the Young Bloods. He’s thought to have been involved in a crime spree that terrorized a number of locals. Police told CBS Boston that Touch had been moving “fairly frequently,” which helped him to evade them for more than five years.

CBS Boston reported that the attack was likely not random. Touch has been charged with first-degree murder, home invasion, attempt to commit armed robbery and two counts of conspiracy. He’s being held without bail.

Sooner or later a fugitive is caught, it’s just that not many of them are found hiding inside of a drawer. Then again, it doesn’t look like Touch is very bright so of course it was only a matter of time before this dude was caught.



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