Naked Couple Boning On A Bench Told Cops To ‘Go Away’


In the touristy beach community of Costa Blanca, Spain, there is a square known as the Plaza Waldo Calero. And, on Thursday of last week around 6:30 a.m., a couple got naked and humped with effort on one of its benches.

Nothing new there, we realize. Thanks to Obama, public sex is now part of the depraved world we live in. From Uniqlo dressing rooms to Florida beaches to depressing shopping strip malls, everybody is getting laid but me.

Well and maybe the local police, who were none too happy about the schtuppery in progress. According to The Sun, when officers approached the busy couple, one of the lovers flipped them some shit. “Go away,” one of the naked people said, “and don’t bother us.”

One officer reported that the man’s attitude was “cocky.”

The video, obtained by Diario de la Vega, doesn’t show the exchange between the naked people and the cops — just the fact that they were so ready to screw that the man didn’t bother to take his socks off.

They were fined 600 Euros and issued a citation related to disorderly conduct.

Naked Couple Boning On A Bench Told Cops To ‘Go Away’

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Well, when you’re an exhibitionist(s) nothing less will do, I guess.

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