Naked Date Contestant Awkwardly Gets Massive Erection During First Hug

Imagine going on a naked dating show. I honestly don’t think I could ever do it. It takes me about four days to effectively prepare for a third date, never mind stripping off in front of complete strangers. You just know that all the people you’ve p*ssed off in your life will be screenshotting and sending to their group chats. NO THANKS.


Saying that, I have so much respect for anyone who dares to bear all. First of all, fair play to you for being comfortable in your own skin. I have crippling self doubt when it comes to my body so I take my hat off to you. But just the hat. Not my trousers.

Secondly, we should be proud of our bodies. There’s a real stigma attached to being naked anywhere other than your shower or your bedroom. I’m not saying everyone should walk about naked all day, but feeling confident enough to get it all out is nothing but admirable.


The problem with being naked is that there’s nowhere to hide. Especially if you’re a bloke. If you get a teeny bit excited, everyone’s going to know about it.

Take this poor sod who appeared on KIIS FM’s The Kyle And Jackie O show.

A model called Sheera had the choice between two blokes, Adam and Mark. But she wanted to see them naked before she chose. Obviously.

Adam stripped down to a mankini while Mark decided to get the meat and veg out for all to see.

DJ Kyle asked him: “Why is your penis so small?”. I think that’s number one on the list of ‘things to never say to a naked man’.

He then asked Sheera: “What do you think about Mark’s small penis, is that alright for you?”

Sheera responded: “He’s a grower, surely.”

Mark, who clearly took the banter in his stride, said: “When I go outside it will grow a couple of inches.”

The pair hugged, and the unthinkable happened. He got an erection…



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