Naked Dude Got High, Fell Off Roof While Having Sex

Naked Dude Got High, Fell Off Roof While Having Sex


A Lufkin, Texas, police officer was driving around on Monday when he happened to catch a glimpse of Ricky Brimer Jr. in his rearview mirror. The 31-year-old caught the officer’s attention when he was standing around the street yelling. The fact that Brimer was also completely naked save for the scrap of carpet he used to cover himself also piqued the officer’s curiosity.

Of course, being naked was was probably the least of Brimer’s problems. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the police report of the incident noted that Brimer was “paranoid, twitchy and had bloody scratches on his arms and torso.”

Brimer told, or maybe bragged, to the officers that he was having sex on a roof with a woman before he fell off. He also copped to taking the synthetic marijuana substitute K2 and methamphetamine earlier in the day. The Dallas Morning News reported that a charitable neighbor walked outside and gave Brimer some pants to wear while talking to police, in case you were worried that there were no Good Samaritans left in the world.


The tweaked out sex jock was then booked into Angelina County Jail on suspicion

Sure, getting arrested while naked after getting high on some sketchy substances is embarrassing, but hey, at least he didn’t get high and suck a horse’s dick.


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