‘Naked Girls Reading’ – You Can’t Spell ‘Literature’ Without T&A!

Michelle L’Amour is an irresistible mix of bookworm and burlesque dancer who co-founded the ‘Naked Girls Reading’ group based around the mission statement: You can’t spell ‘literature’ without T&A! 

Some people say lovely ladies who read naked in public is too good to be true…that it’s a myth!

NGR still1
Part peep-show, part literary salon, Naked Girls Reading believes in full mind and body stimulation –  especially of that most essential of organs, the brain. They now have over a dozen chapters operating around the world – from Texas to Tasmania – and Nobofeed met up with Michelle in her hometown of Chicago.
NGR still3

2 replies on “‘Naked Girls Reading’ – You Can’t Spell ‘Literature’ Without T&A!”

When I first glanced at the title I thought it said ‘Naked Girls SPreading’…. just as good either way, really.

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