Naked Truck Driver Causes Six-Car Pile-Up While Running Down The Highway

An Ohio man has been arrested following a grisly incident in which he crashed his truck into six cars, then ran naked down a mile-long stretch of highway in an effort to elude the police.

According to WCPO, Tracy Martin, 44, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio was speeding down the lefthand shoulder in his 1994 GMC pickup truck in a real big hurry to get somewhere when he sideswiped four cars and rear-ended a fifth. Troopers say his truck then “hit the median, flipped and slammed into a sixth vehicle.” Of the people impacted by the accident, six were taken to nearby hospitals.


Miraculously unharmed, Mr. Martin then climbed out of his mangled vehicle and took off running down the highway in the buff, expressing his displeasure at the situation as he went:

“He had his hands in the air and was yelling explicit language,” Trooper Kyle Doebrich said. “He seemed very irate.”

You’d be irate too, if you were late for your yearly nudist retreat.

While nobody is yet sure why the man was naked, it appears he was already in his natural state when he got behind the wheel:

Police said they didn’t believe Martin had any clothes with him. None were found in the car, and clothes found on the highway were too small to fit him.

Martin must have run track in high school, because he was a full mile away from the scene of the accident when police finally apprehended him, taking him down with a taser.

Martin was arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular assault, vehicular assault, and ocular assault with a deadly ding dong. Toxicology reports have yet to determine with type of bath salts he ingested that day.

Naked truck driver causes six-car pile-up WHILE runNING down the highway


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