Neil deGrasse Tyson sex in space video

Neil deGrasse Tyson has covered a lot of interesting topics over the years, but this is probably the best topic he’s ever hit on: sex in space.

Forget how the Bengals won with a game-winning field goal or his priceless takes on the movieGravity, this is the knowledge we need.

The key takeaway here when having sex at zero gravity, as Tyson explains, is using a lot of leather belts to “keep things strapped down.”

“You need things like straps. There are probably some people who are fully equipped for this anyway? But I’m just saying, you begin to see the manifestations of Newton’s law of motion. You’re floating in space and then you move towards someone and they just sort of bounce off. The movement is sort of preserved. There’s no friction, so there you go.”

“So if you want to sort of get together and stay together, you need something to like keep you together during all the normal body movements that would characterize having sex in space. So yeah, just bring a lot of leather belts. Keep things strapped down and you’ll be just fine.”

Space really is dope.

Sexy space girl image by Shutterstock

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Here To Drop Some Knowledge On You About Having Sex In Space

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