Neil deGrasse Tyson Was Wrong About Science, How Do We Go On?


The Star Talk host is obviously more versed on the astral dance of the cosmos than the primal earthbound dance of lurve.

He tweeted this on Friday and though it’s good that Tyson has never had painful sex, it’s a disturbingly incorrect assertion:

Wrong, wrong, wrong as many science writers were quick to point out over and over and over:

This really makes me appreciate what my cats’ moms went through to bring them into the world so they could sleep on my good coat. May they never go extinct and end their persistent assault on couch arms.

How are we supposed to feel about Neil deGrasse Tyson now? It’s not just that he was very obviously wrong about a number of well-known biological facts in the animal kingdom, it’s the lack of imagination about sex that I found disturbing. This puts everything back in perspective though:

So do we, Neil, so do we….


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