Netflix Is Now Worth More Than Disney

Streaming giant Netflix is now worth more than Disney, making it not only the best way to waste an evening, but also the most valuable ‘pure media’ company in the world.

Today Netflix’s stock was up, giving it an eye-watering valuation of $152 billion (£113.5bn) Disney’s own valuation lies ‘just under’ this figure at $151.8 billion (£113.3bn), according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Just last month Netflix announced it had over 125 million subscribers to it’s popular service, pulling in $3.6 billion (£2.6bn) in the first quarter of this year. Pretty bloody impressive.

Those subscriber figures don’t even include the staggering number of freeloaders using their partners/mates/ex’s login credentials either (you all know who you are).

The company is predicted to have around 360 million subscribers by 2030.

It’s rising stock value is no doubt to the amount of absolutely top-class shows Netflix has been pumping out; from quality Netflix original scripted shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Safe, to engaging documentaries like Making A Murderer and Evil Genius – which you need to go and watch immediately, if you haven’t already done so – not to mention the mountain of films its released under its name, like The Fundamentals of Caringand the amazing Okja.

With its growing popularity, Nexflix is also drawing in some pretty big names for its Originals titles, with Will Smith, Keanue Reeves and Idris Elba all making appearances in recent movies.


Disney has been having a stormer of a year itself, since buying the rights to the Marvel Entertainment and Star Wars, it’s had some massive box office hits.

It’s also announced plans to introduce its own streaming service, which is due to be released next year and has already got fans excited after revealing it would be creating a brand spanking new Star Wars TV show and a Marvel TV show, but most importantly, according to Screen Rant there will also be A Mighty Ducks TV series.

There’s also talk of brand new Muppets series, too, so it looks like I’ll be signing myself up to the Disney streaming service the second its out.



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