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Trending News: Is The ‘O Shot’ The Secret To Increasing Her Drive In The Bedroom?

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Because we’d all like to feel a little more wanted.

Long Story Short

Women around the world are latching onto so-called “vampire injections,” popularized by Kim Kardashian when she wanted to rejuvenate her face. However, instead of facial injections, women are taking it right in the hoo-ha — and reporting orgasmic results.

Long Story

100 out of 100 men will tell you that they don’t have sex as often as they’d like, but they’d likely count their blessings if they were with a woman who experienced a genuinely low sex drive. Even outside the realm of formal diagnoses, plenty of women struggle with varying degrees of lowered libido. The causes are myriad: Stress, anxiety/depression medication, pain during sex, disrespectful/inattentive partners and countless psychological barriers. When one woman, formerly sexually healthy, lost her sense of desire and sexual pleasure due to a lack of sexual interest from her husband, she decided to do something about it. If her results are typical, the procedure could be a game-changer for women and couples everywhere.

Most people, when if they’ve heard about them at all, first heard of so-called “vampire injections” when Kim Kardashian publicised the procedure. It involves drawing blood from the patient, separating out the cells richest in growth factors, and injecting them back into the desired area. Kim had it done to rejuvenate her face, but writing for Mirror, Lynne Hyland directed the procedure further south into her clitoris and vagina in what physicians refer to as the “O shot.”

Though a bit painful, the results were both immediate and phenomenal. “Down there,” she reported looking fuller (with a slightly larger clitoris size) and brighter than she had in years (her lover said she had the”prettiest vagina” he’d ever seen). More importantly, sex (both solo and with a partner) was unlike anything she’d experienced since she was more confident and sexually healthy, before meeting her inattentive ex-husband. Of course, as a boon to both her and the man she’s with now, her desire to have sex at all was reignited to an extreme degree.

The downsides: The process is elective, so even with the U.K.’s comprehensive health care, Hyland had to pay £1,000 out of pocket (I can only assume the cost in U.S. dollars would be similar). The results also aren’t permanent. While physicians say everyone’s different, most patients need a touch-up every year or so. £1,000 per year is, admittedly, a lot of money to spend on vaj injections.

Then again, sexual health is vitally important to most individuals (to say nothing of couples), and women specifically have next to no options. Addiyi, the much-trumpeted “female Viagra,” comes with a host of limiting side effects (and you can’t drink alcohol while on it), and no one other than the manufacturer is convinced that it works in a meaningful capacity. Given that the limited-efficacy “little pink pill” isn’t likely to be cheap, a £1,000 one-time shot may be just what women suffering from impaired sexual function (and their supportive partners) need.

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If the medical field continues to explore and recognize female sexual difficulties, will this ever be something covered by insurance?

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I think this is an awesome development, but can we please stop saying “vampire” in the same breath as “vagina?”

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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder” is the formal diagnosis for when a low sex drive begins to interrupt a woman’s life, and is believed to affect about 10% of women.


New ‘O Shot’ Makes Women Instantly Want To Have Sex

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