New ‘Roast My Selfie’ Facebook Group Where People Ask To Be Bullied Is F*cking Brutal

New ‘Roast My Selfie’ Facebook Group Where People Ask To Be Bullied Is F*cking Brutal




Normally people upload their selfies to social media as a surefire way to get some positive attention from friends.

If that’s what you’re out for then this is almost certainly not for you… A new Facebook group has taken off that is dedicated to absolutely rinsing the shit out of people’s selfies.

Roast My Selfie Original was set up by Micky Williams after he posted a pic of himself sporting a new beard to his own account only to be torn to shreds by his own mates, reports Sick Chirpse.


So this is how it works, you post a selfie on the site and then just sit back and suck up the insults – but there are a few rules…

The main ones are you can only post your own picture, no racism and no commenting back on your own roast.


Anyone who posts another persons’ photo will instantly be removed from the group – as will anyone who makes racist comments and if the admins notice anyone commenting on their roasts they’ll just turn off comments on the post.

But for anyone who does break a rule, there is one way back onto the page…


Rule ten states that if you’re removed from the group you can donate to a fund raising money for Tommy Brown – a young boy who lost his limbs through a B strain of meningitis.

So not only can you subject yourself to an absolute shit storm of hate, you can help to raise a bit of money for a great cause to.

You can also check out their website You better have a seriously thick skin though.

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