A New Search For Tutankhamun’s Lost Chamber Has Begun

Archaeologists are planning a new search for the lost chamber of Tutankhamun, using state-of-the-art technologies in hopes to find the secret room.

The Polytechnic University Turin, Italy, will be using radar systems to scan the depths of the 3,300-year-old resting place of the Egyptian king. If The Mummy has taught us anything it’s that a curse is also likely to be released, too, so keep an eye out for that.

The secret room is believed to hold the remains of King Tut’s mum, Queen Nefertiti, as well as tons of treasure.

Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves said: “It seems we are now faced not merely with the prospect of a new, Tutankhamun-era storeroom to the west; to the north appears to be signalled a continuation of the tomb.

“Within these uncharted depths an earlier royal interment – that of Nefertiti herself, celebrated consort, co-regent, and eventual successor of pharaoh Akhenaten.”

The tomb of King Tutankhamen has long been associated with a ‘curse’ since it was first discovered in 1923 by Brit Howard Carter and his team. Lord Carnarvon, who sponsored the dig, was bitten by a mosquito and died.

This was followed by the death of radiologist who had x-rayed the tomb and a member of the excavation team was reported to have died of arsenic poisoning. Six from the team of 26 would be dead within a decade of the discovery of the tomb. Scary.

Let’s wish this next team the best of luck…


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