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I don’t really even know where to begin here. This study of American vs. European sexual preferences by DrEd.com has so much information in it, it’s a lot to take in.

I guess I’ll begin by saying the study was done by asking a wide array of sexual knowledge and preference questions to 1,000 Americans and Europeans. Their goal was to spot differences between the two cultures and I have to say, mission accomplished.

Let’s begin with the most fun thing they found out, favorite sex positions…

favorite sex position us vs europe

As you can see, regardless of where they are from, most men answered with doggy style at 28.1 percent. Surprise anyone here? Although cowgirl was right there at 27.1% so it’s close.

Females, however, were all about the missionary position.

However, when you break it down by US vs. Europe, Euros go for the missionary position first, then cowgirl. While here in the States, doggy style still reigns supreme with missionary coming in second.

Now let’s move on to some other unusual sexual questions they posed…

sexual preferences

Using a condom while role playing in the bedroom seems to be just about the perfect night for most surveyed. And I love how the guys in both Europe and America named their penis as their favorite body part. As if it would be anything else.

Next we have the question of how many times have you cheated?

how many times cheated

Almost 70 percent of men from the U.S. indicated that they’ve never cheated, while only 35 percent of European women claim to be faithful. As they point out in their summary, this does seem a bit counter-intuitive and perhaps American males are just more likely to lie about cheating on a survey. But that’s what they came up with, so who knows?

They also covered several other interesting sexual topics such as favorite contraceptive, favorite body part on others, knowledge of anatomy, and so much more. Visit DrEd.com to see the rest of their fascinating findings



New Study Compares The Favorite Sex Positions Of Americans Vs Europeans And A Whole Lot More

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