New Study Finds Women Prefer A Larger Penis (Well Duh!)


Sorry little lads, a new study has found that women prefer bigger penises… for a one-night-stand.

When it comes to a long-term relationship, they’re not so fussy, but the preferred size is still above-average.

UCLA neuroscientist Dr Nicole Prause, along with a team, created 100 different dimensions for an erect penis, of which 33 made the final cut.

They were then 3D-printed in blue rubber and put in a basket, the biggest being just below 9 inches and the smallest over 4 inches. 75 women then chose their two ideal penises from the basket: one for a random fling and another for a full-blown relationship.


The ‘perfect’ size for a full-blown scenario was 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in girth. As for the random fling, the dream measurements were 6.4 inches length and 5 inches in girth.


It’s been reported that the average American man’s penis length is 5.6 inches.

Prause told Broadly: “Science has consistently shown girth is a stronger predictor of female preferences and satisfaction.

“It may be that surgeries for increasing length tend to have better outcomes, so men focus on length as something they can more likely affect.

“Limited just to physical attractiveness, many indicators of health that are at least somewhat under our control affect women’s attraction. This includes things like weight, muscularity, skin pallor, and acne.”


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