New Study Has Determined Which Celebrities Are Officially The SEXIEST On Instagram


Have you ever wondered which celebrities truly do post the most sexy pictures to their Instagram account? No? Well, I bet now you’re kind of wondering. So it’s a good thing the folks over at SuperDrug Online Doctor did this study, huh?

Here’s a little bit of how they did it…

For this project, we (Fractl) categorised photos from a list of 90 celebrity Instagram accounts to determine both who posts the most pictures and who gets the most likes on pictures containing “sex appeal,” between January and August 2015. We chose the 90 celebrities based on’s list of top celebrities on Instagram, sorted by their number of followers; out of the top 100, only 90 had enough images to evaluate (over 41 photos).

We then used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, asking Master Workers whether or not a picture from each celebrity’s account was in any way sexually appealing. Images that were considered sexually appealing were then sent back through Mechanical Turk, where Master Workers sorted each image into one of 10 categories based on its defining characteristic.

Blah, blah, blah, you can see the rest of their methodology here, but the good stuff that we care about is coming up next…


As you can see below, shocker, Emily Ratajkowski ranks at the top of the list. This we probably something we could have figured out. Still, it is interesting to see who else is in the top 10…

sexiest celebrities on instagram

The reason for Ratajkowski’s high ranking is because she also has the highest percentage of sexually suggestive photos.

sexiest celebrities on instagram study

And here’s a breakdown of the various celebrities by the “types” of photos they share.

sexiest celebrities on instagram by category

In other words, they just provided all of us a huge list of people we need to start following on Instagram immediately. Score.

Check out the rest of the study, including even more cool charts and graphs here.

New Study Has Determined Which Celebrities Are Officially The SEXIEST On Instagram


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This research deserves more funding. Let’s divert a little cash from breast cancer.

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