There are few things better in life than owning a dog.  This is Mandy and Max.

I love everything about the experience of having dogs. I don’t start work until later in the day, so every morning, we spend an hour at the dog park and I get to watch them run and play. I love how they both curl into a ball at the foot of my bed and sleeps peacefully every night. I love seeing her smile. She’s got a great smile.

But I love how much easier they makes dating. I can have cheap first dates by suggesting the four of us go for a walk. I can get out of bad ones whenever I need to, saying I need to take them out. And … when there’s a chance there’s gonna be some sexy time, instead of awkwardly asking my date, “Hey, would you like to go back to my place for some sexy time,” I can say, “Hey would you like to come with me to take the dogs out,” the implication being that “Yes, I know as an adult I could and should ask if you wanna come over for sexy time, but I’m much too socially awkward that.”

Little did I know, though, there was another added benefit. Owning a dog apparently makes me so much damn hotter to the women. In a study called “The Roles of Pet Dogs and Cats in Human Courtship and Dating,” researchers found that having a dog makes you sexy AF. From a Psychology Today review of the study.

In collaboration with the pet store chain PetSmart, the researchers recruited 1,210 single pet owners through the online dating service Match.com. In the pool of participants, 60% were women and 40% were men; 72% were dog owners and 42% cat owners. The subjects took a 21-question online survey about how pets entered into their dating lives. Here are some of the highlights:

35% percent of women said they had been more attracted to someone because they owned a pet.

Awww yea stud stud stud. That’s me, with my dog, attractin’ the ladies. Shows them I am a nurturer. A provider. A DAWG in the sack.

But amazingly, the study found that only 22% of men who owned dogs used them to attract women, proving once and for all that most men have no idea what they are doing.


New Study Proves That Getting A Dog Makes The Ladies Wanna Boff Ya

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