New Trouser Tech Gets Rid Of Unwanted Boners

Every man knows what it’s like to be ambushed by an unwanted erection.

It can pop up anywhere, on the school bus…

On the train. Forget about strap-hanging.

Or standing.

But maybe that’s all behind us now, since a company calledBloxers whipped out its engineering to come up with their revolutionary “deflector shield.”

The deflector shield is a layer of fabric built into boxer shorts that sends the unwelcome Johnson off to the side, where its cover won’t be blown.

Bloxers are available for either the right leg or the left leg, depending on how one hangs. An extra $5 gets you a pair of “Switch Hitters.”

They’ve had a ball with their indiegogo campaign to finance the production of Bloxers. So men, stand up and watch the team explain why “When life makes it hard, Bloxers make it easy.”

Bloxers plans to donate 25% of its eventual profits to prostate cancer research.



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