New Venom Trailer Promises To Eat Your Face Clean Off

What could well be the final trailer before Venom releases dropped online today, and it’s… a bit of a doozy. Not disastrous by any stretch of the imagination – the film is showing some brilliant signs of promise at the moment – but it was far from the mass hype-generator Sony inevitably wanted it to be, no matter the repeated use of the trailer music from Avengers: Infinity War.

With this being the third trailer, Sony have elected to show off quite a lot of the film, and even more in blink-and-you’ll miss it chunks. This calls for the equally inevitable trailer breakdown, and with the Ruben Fleischer film having already been rather open regarding its use of the Lethal Protector story-arc from the comics, it’s getting easier to piece together the story by the day.

Of course, comic book movies these days are very fond of the odd misdirection here and there, but, given what we know of that story – as well as what we’ve seen in the trailers, interviews, and this most recent look – the film’s skeleton (or symbiote) is coming into focus.

11. The Different Symbiotes


We’ve known that Venom’s main inspiration is Lethal Protector for a good year now, and though the presence of the Life Foundation, Ann Weying and the San Francisco setting had confirmed all of this already, the notorious symbiotes from that series have just appeared in this new trailer too.

Riz Ahmed is already confirmed to be playing Riot, one of five symbiotes cloned from Venom in the comics, which leaves four other symbiotes unaccounted for. The remaining quartet were called Phage, Agony, Lasher and Scream, and the trailer may have showed them off too.

Interesting to note for now, however, is one of its earlier shots. As Ahmed’s drake opens up what looks to be a delivery van, the camera pans down and shows off two symbiotes. The one above looks to latch onto the long-haired man seen just a little later, which could actually be Lasher, but the one below is slightly more obvious, with the yellow pallet hinting at either one of Scream or Phage – symbiotes that had a lot of yellow on the surface.

There must be more out of shot though, and with rumours that Woody Harrelson could be playing Carnage, is there a chance that one vile is red and black too?

10. “They’re A Higher Life Form”


Though Sony have stopped short of confirming the origin of the symbiotes in their movie universe, this most recent trailer offered as clear a hint as any that they are sticking with the alien origin from the comics.

That particular origin has just received an update in the comics, but fans will still be encouraged by Drake’s narration in the trailer, which refers to the beings as a “higher life form”. Now he could just be singing his own praises as a scientist, but the more likely scenario is that the Life Foundation retrieved the symbiotes in an extra-terrestrial encounter – potentially in a space mission gone wrong.

It certainly assuages fears that the film could lean more into the science experiment route, and with an alien lore established – and in light of Venom’s more recent comics too – these could be the first seeds of the franchise Sony are so eager to build.

9. Communicating With The Symbiote


No matter your feelings on whether Venom is or isn’t connected to the MCU, one thing there’s no denying is that the film is doing a spectacular job of conveying the duality of the character.

Hardy’s booming vocals still work up a treat despite some duff lines, and it’s fantastic to see the actor work with his CGI’d other half. The most recent trailer looked to depict more of the symbiotic relationship between Eddie and Venom, going so far as to show the symbiote appearing in reflections, or even spouting out of Brock in a Thing-esque manner as it attempts to illustrate the benefits of being their host.

It’s suitably comic book-y, and though the dialogue may not match the visuals quite yet, they’re doing more than enough at the moment to be a suitable distraction.

8. Improving Visual Effects


Though there were both pros and cons to the first Venom teaser, which didn’t show any symbiote, or even much of the plot, it was obvious that the visual effects weren’t ready to be unveiled at that stage. The first full trailer ended with a full shot of the creature, showing elements of the symbiote beforehand, and though they looked fine, they clearly weren’t finished.

Now, with the film’s October release date inching closer, those effects have improved dramatically. The symbiote looks brilliant, and though some shots did look a little rough around the edges, this is still the most authentic-looking symbiote we’ve seen on the big screen (sorry, Spider-Man 3).

While yes, it does lack the iconic white spider on the chest, the reasoning for its omission is logical. This version of the character has never even heard of Peter Parker (or so we think), nor encountered Spider-Man at any point. At the very least, the white veins along the the character do the trick well enough, and with a view to a potential MCU crossover still being talked about, don’t write it off from happening just yet.

7. Eating The Competition


Sony are going to great lengths to let you know that Venom is an antihero, with the main tagline from this trailer being “the world has enough superheroes”. That may well be the case, and though Venom himself may have descended from nobler roots, it’s clear that this interpretation of the character is every bit as menacing as his iconic nineties-self.

The character relishes terrorising his pursuers, listing off which organs they’ll ‘snack’ on while licking one unfortunate victim’s face. Those fangs are clearly being put to good use though, and as fans of 2005’s Ultimate Spider-Man will be able to recall fondly, eating is a big deal for Venom, as it allows the symbiote to sustain itself – at least in that particular interpretation.

Other bad guys fall victim to the creature’s pointy mouth at various points in the trailer, and though it’s likely they won’t be eating everyone, you have to feel sorry for the poor folks who fall victim to that particular method of death.

6. A Fight On The Golden Gate Bridge


Not much is known of Venom’s pivotal action sequences, and this trailer did relatively well to keep details of those scenes under wraps. That said, shots of the symbiote scaling the Golden Gate bridge seemingly confirm that the creature will be duking it out with something at some point in the film.

Whether that’s Ahmed’s Riot or another of the fearsome five is still unknown, but it’s clear that Fleischer is determined to make use of the San Fransisco setting. The character does actually travel there in the Lethal Protector arc, where he faces a group known as ‘The Jury’.

In the comics, the mercenaries from that group are assembled by a grieving father, whose son was killed by Venom in a story-arc in the main Spider-Man comic. We have actually seen Venom being chased down by some mercenary-types in all the trailers shown off thus far, and though they could just be the group assigned to the Life Foundation, the film has remained faithful to the David Michelinie-Mark Bagley storyline for the most part.

5. Another Lethal Protector?


As has already been mentioned, Venom won’t be the only symbiote to star in his own movie. Ahmed’s Carlton Drake will become Riot at some point in the film, and those other symbiotes present at the start of the trailer confirm that at least two more are set to star as well.

With Eddie Brock, Drake, and the long-haired man at the start of the trailer all suiting up at one point or another, that leaves at least a few more symbiotes unaccounted for. Fortunately for us, when the trailer switches focus to a Chinatown setting we can see another character using a symbiote. Which one is still unclear, but they’re able to fashion their arms into blades and unleash a barrage of spikes later on too.

Is it possible that this particular symbiote is Agony? Perhaps – though it’s important to mention that the character sported a purple symbiote in the comics, and not the metallic, black/grey one shown off in the brief appearance made by the paramedic midway through the trailer.

4. Riot Terrorising Venom


Eventually the trailer gets to Riot, and they look fantastic.

It’s not clear at which point Drake dons the suit, but the look is faithful to the comics and he looks to be providing Venom with a major challenge. He’s at least twice as large, and with a shot of the character ripping Venom right off Brock’s face intimating his threat pretty bluntly, it’s clear that this confrontation is going to be brutal.

This particular shot also looks to follow Venom’s approach to the Golden Gate Bridge, with the San Fran skyline visible in the background. Could it also be the movie’s climax?

3. Symbiote Separation (And An Identity Confirmed)


In by far the best looking moment in the trailer, where Venom and Riot merge together to fight each other in their primal forms (which also, by the way, looks strikingly similar to the intro to the nineties Spider-Man cartoon), you can actually see Carlton Drake in the symbiote. It’s slightly spoiler-y, as the transformation had only been hinted at before, but still, it’s a striking image that harkens back to some of the character’s most iconic looks in the comics.

It’s unclear what triggers this separation, but if the film carries over the symbiotes’ weaknesses of fire and sound, then it may be possible they’re suffering from those effects. If you look in the background, you can also see what looks to be a rocket of sorts – could the pair be caught up in a launch gone wrong?

It’s that, or they’re duking it out at a nearby museum. Either way, this looks to be the film’s final confrontation, which may potentially mean that Carnage won’t be appearing – at least in a key way.

2. Whatever… This Line Was


For the sake of ending all confusion with this line: yes, Venom does indeed use an analogy of a ‘turd in the wind’ to describe the impending limb-loss his victim is about to endure; not bird, not nerd – turd.

It’s definitely a zinger, and obscures the tone of the film somewhat. The rest of the trailer positions the feature as a horror film first and foremost, which lines up with previous statements from the cast and crew that’ve likened it to the works of David Cronenberg, but this last line is just bizarre.

This isn’t to say that the film shouldn’t attempt to be funny – of course not. The issue, really, is that it’s a tad juvenile; Venom can invoke enough terror just by standing around and offering threats without the faecal comparisons, and this last line somewhat reduces the menace his presence alone provides.

1. No Red Band = No R-Rating?


When Sony Pictures first announced Venom, there was a lot of talk that it would be the first R-Rated film to utilise the Spider-Man property. This was seemingly backed up by director Fleischer just the other week, stating in an interview with Comicbook that it was “the plan” for the film to be rated R, much like the previously released Logan, Deadpool, and Deadpool 2.

This came after comments from producer Avi Arad, in which he said that “Kids love Venom.” This, understandably, had worried fans that the film could potentially adopt a more typical PG-13 rating like most Marvel releases, and though the most recent trailer is certainly dark, it didn’t sport the typical red band trailer most R-rated releases do.

This may be cause for concern. Though it’s possible Venom will get another trailer shortly before its debut, the film’s rating still hasn’t been confirmed – even if footage shown at Comic Con 2018 painted the picture of a decidedly darker Spidey spin-off than what fans may have originally predicted.

In any case, this trailer painted both a dark and an enjoyable picture of Sony’s first Spider-Man spin-off, even if it did look confused in parts.



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