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New Viral Internet Craze: The ‘Do A Bump Challenge’ AKA #Retodelpasesito


Move over, Charlie Charlie Challenge. There’s a new viral challenge in town from Mexico, and it’s going to give you a run for your money in both stupidity and fakeness.

As documented by various aggregators of internet-alia, the #retodelpasesito (or “do a bump challenge”) is like the Ice Bucket Challenge, only instead of dumping ice on yourself you do cocaine, and instead of raising money for a rare and deadly disease, you…do cocaine. It’s supposedly being practiced by rich Mexican girls — not actual minors, as some outlets are reporting, but…let’s just call them “emerging adults.”

Of course, as with most things like this, most of what you can find under the #retodelpasesito hashtag at this point is people making fun of it, alarmist news reports, and approximately two original videos of people supposedly doing it, reblogged over and over:


In an effort to get to the bottom of it all,   resident experta Mexicana Stephanie “Effie” Villagómez was consulted about it. Her reply:

“I think this joke began from a blogger here called Galatzia. He said ‘we don’t need a bucket challenge, that is so stupid, better made a perico challenge.’ And ‘perico’ means cocaine.”

A cursory Google search led me to this video from Galatzia dated August 30, 2014:

So there you have it. The #retodelpasesito is not a thing rich Mexican girls started to wave their privilege in everyone’s faces, but a thing a Mexican guy in a wig started to make fun of Americans’ efforts to find a cure for a terrifying disease. Whether one or two idiotas took the idea and ran with it is anyone’s guess.


New Viral Internet Craze: The ‘Do A Bump Challenge’ AKA #Retodelpasesito

2 replies on “New Viral Internet Craze: The ‘Do A Bump Challenge’ AKA #Retodelpasesito”

The cops are gonna love this if this seriously becomes a fad.

And that is a horrible idea, Drac.

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