New York Principal Suspended For A Year After Sexting At Work And Having Explicit Photos On The School’s Laptop

New York Principal Suspended For A Year After Sexting At Work And Having Explicit Photos On The School’s Laptop

While we tell you folks a ton of stories of teachers hooking up with their students, this one here is a tad different. This one involves a New York City public school principal named Annie Seifullah, who was booted from her job for a year without pay for sexting at work.

The 39-year-old has not been fired from her job for her actions which were detailed at a hearing recently. It seems like Seifullah exchanged raunchy texts with her now ex-boyfriend, Robert Sofia. And Sofia just happens to be the president of Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School for Arts & Technology. But there’s more. Sexually explicit photographs of Seifullah were also found on Department of Education laptops, but she claims that was an act of ‘revenge porn’ by Sofia — an act Sofia has denied.

Daily Mail

Seifullah says has been falsely accused of having sex with multiple-coworkers and said she is a victim of “double reverse extortion” after education bosses threatened to reveal X-rated photos of her at a disciplinary hearing. She said she believes New York City executives had been trying to bully her into resigning – even though the “evidence” provided by Sofia, was dismissed as false during a Department of Education investigation.

She was also devastated to discover her abusive ex’s name among the witnesses listed to give evidence against her.

“I was extorted first by my ex who threatened to destroy my career and now the city is doing the same – using his discredited evidence to force me out of the job I loved. It is ugly and disgusting. The Department of Education is creating a template that means any angry ex partner can do the same thing.”

Seifullah has now launched a lawsuit against the city for violating her human and civil rights and denying her due process. Seifullah also claims that Sofia was abusive to her and when she finally left him he went to her bosses and claimed she’d had sex with multiple co-workers, a parent and a student. He also allegedly placed incriminating photos of her engaged in sex acts on her DOE laptop.

Seifullah is still fighting the accusations.

“All I want to do is get back to the job I loved but they want me to resign,” Seifullah adds.


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