New Zealand Woman Turns Actual Dead Cat Into Handbag And You Have To See It To Believe It


Cats may love boobs as much as we do, but something tells me they won’t like being turn into your next favorite accessory.

Claire Hobbs, a woman from Christchurch who has a very…um…interesting hobby, decided to turn a dead cat into a fashionable handbag. And guess what? She’s selling it. You know, in case you’re into that. According to Hobbs, the cat had been run over by a cat, and Hobbs, a taxidermist, tossed it in her car and granted the cat his last wishes: turned him into something she can keep her gum wrappers and old receipts in.

Just take a look at this thing:


Interested in buying it? Well you can if you head over to the auction site Trade Me. Although the starting price is $1400. So if you just got a nice amount of birthday cash and have always wanted a dead animal handbag, now is your chance!


Some people dig this idea, while most are understandably grossed out by it. Hobbs insists no animals are ever killed for the purpose of her work, and that she only uses animals who have died of natural causes — like getting hit by a minivan, probably.

If you’re interesting in getting your dog Buddy turned into a bag, you may have to look elsewhere, as Hobbs doesn’t do pets.


Although I have an idea of who might buy this handbag…


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