Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Officers Shooting A 6-Year-Old

Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Officers Shooting A 6-Year-Old


New details and evidence were released in the case of two Louisiana law enforcement officers charged in the murder of a six-year old boy. This body cam video was submitted as evidence by the state in a pretrial hearing for Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. It’s from the night six-year-old Jeremy Mardis was killed last November. The state argued that as the shooting began you can see Jeremy’s father Chris few in his car with his hands raised out the window. According to the lead detective on the investigation the little boy was hit 5 times. His father was wounded but survived. Stafford and Greenhouse are charged with second degree murder in Jeremy’s death plus the attempted second degree murder of his father. The defense objected to the evidence but Judge William Bennett ultimately admitted everything. The attorneys for Stafford also filed a motion for consolidation, meaning the trials would be held at the same time. Judge Bennett denied that after Greenhouse’s attorneys objected. The trial for Stafford is set for a November 28 and greenhouse for March 13 of next year.

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You really would think that at some point, they would wise up & knock it off…. …wouldn’t you?

Context: they chased the guy from a bar where he was seen arguing with his girlfriend. Not saying anyone needed shooting, but it’s not like they just rolled up and opened fire.

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