Newspaper Apologizes For Wildly Offensive Cartoon About Las Vegas Shooting

Newspaper Apologizes For Wildly Offensive Cartoon About Las Vegas Shooting


When it comes to being insensitive about national tragedies, Americans should really leave things to President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, local Vermont newspaper the Bennington Banner did not get the memo.

As noted by The Sun, the Bennington Banner printed a cartoon in the Tuesday edition of their paper drawn by cartoonist Randall Enos. The hastily-drawn image is of a big pile of face-less bodies laying on the ground. The handwritten caption reads, “Whatever happens in Vegas…ends.”

Closer look:

The tasteless cartoon is, of course, in reference to the tragic mass shootingthat occurred in Las Vegas Sunday night. Nearly 60 people were murdered and several hundred were injured.


Feels WAY too soon to be making light of this.  There are still families grieving for fucks sake!

Many expressed outrage over the cartoon, both in real life and on Twitter.

The newspaper quickly caught wind of the backlash. The Bennington Banner’s president Fredric D. Rutberg published an apology for the cartoon on the website Tuesday afternoon. We regret and apologize for publishing the cartoon.

The decision to publish was made in haste. We are addressing the matter internally.

The gravity of our error in judgment was magnified by the fact that one of victims of the unspeakable horror was a native of Dorset, whose family and friends must have been particularly offended by this cartoon. As the president of the company, the responsibility for the grievous error is mine, and I apologize to the entire Bennington community that the Banner was so insensitive. The Bennington Banner Facebook page also shared a statement, explaining the intentions behind the cartoon. “Our interpretation of Randall Enos’ cartoon was that little would be done with regard to gun control measures in the United States even after such an unprecedented tragedy,” the post reads. “While we believe that is a conversation that needs to happen in this country, we must first mourn and honor the victims and provide comfort to their families and friends.”

If Randall Enos finds himself in need of a new cartooning job (which he just might), perhaps the Trump administration is hiring.

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