NFL Player Put On Blast By Stripper On Instagram For His Teeny Tiny Weenie

He pulled it out it was teenie, pour some ketchup on that weenie!! #lmao #roast #nfl#Oaklandraiders #shade

Man…. That is a deep burn. BOOM ROASTED!

Every week, there seems to be another NFL or NBA player getting themselves mixed up with an ‘Instagram model,’ stripper, side chick or hood prostitute. 99.9% of the it ends up blowing up in their face, and we get to sit here and laugh at them getting exposed.


Well it happened again courtesy of Chyna X White (not to be confused with future Kardashian and fellow stripper Blac Chyna)

An Oakland Raiders practice squad player Andre Debose is the latest to be exposed.

She wrote MediaTakeOut:
Well I don’t ever do this, but it’s time that I put someone on blast. I’m tired of these lame ass practice team squad NFL players trying to come for my throat. When I make more money than them in a year than they make foe what they sign their football contracts for. When will these FUCKBOYS of athletes stop disrespecting INDEPENDENT women? Now I love the bay area because that’s where I was born but we have a traitor from Florida trying to disrespect a queen. And I’m tired of taking shit from these low ballers. I’m an Exotic Dancer/Print Model from NYC and I have so many dudes in the NFL that need to be put on blast if they keep acting up. Now I’m not going to blast the ones that have been good to me. But I will NOT tolerate disrespect from a little boy. I’m done. The storm has begun. First, Andre Debose from the Raiders is a sexual deviant with a rude mouth. How you talk all that shit when ya dick is smaller than a Vienna sausage?? The nerve of this LITTLE dick BIG mouth.

I don’t get it.

She posted a similar story on her Facebook:

Here are the DM’s (where it goes down) 

Blasted again!


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