What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women

What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women


A lot isn’t expressed between couples because of a fear of not seeming very ‘nice’. That’s deeply unfortunate, and stores up a lot of trouble. We’d be better off daring to be a little more honest.

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What society has done to the modern man’s mind. Feminization.

I’m not even nice in real life. Not by your standards. And yet… that dark(er) place truly exists. If I gave in to my inner thoughts, I’d earn a life sentence every day of my life.

Any human being, both male and female, who is in denial about both sides of themselves – both good/bad, light/dark, whatever you call it – is also in denial about basic human nature itself. Accept that all people have all possibilities inside them; it’s the urges you give into that just show how good or evil you can be. Sheesh.

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