Nightclub Gives Epic Response To Woman’s Racist Tirade About Bouncer

Being denied entry into a club because you’re too drunk can be shit, but while most people can realise it’s their own fault, one woman went into a full-on racist tirade about it.

Identified as Deborah Smith by reports, the 44-year-old began her rant at 3:30am on Saturday morning after her night out ended when she was refused entry to The Loft nightclub in Weston-super-Mare, reports The Mirror.

Here’s what she had to say:

While most of the abusive tirade was blurred out by the club who provided a snapshot of Deborah’s message, it read in part:

Why???? Because some foreign twat says I was too pissed to enter. Well funny that, because I’m now home sad so annoyed because, I can coherently type this post, with correct spelling, touch typing, yet too pissed to get into a fucking club in West Super.

Too pissed? Assumed buy (sic) a god dam foreigner? In my country? England!!!! Born in Somerset… and told I am too wankered by some olive coloured Twat!

In all my years of getting wankered in Weston, to be told in my in my 40s. Britain is not BRITAIN anymore. Dictactated (sic) to by some olive coloured fucking arsehole, pumped up by a position (not of stature) but of authority (nonetheless) telling ME (A WHITE, BRITISH FEMALE) …I’m not allowed in a club? Well lets put it very clearly! NATIONAL FRONT? Here I come!!!

Deborah later added that she ‘was not racist before’, but she is now.

Instead of issuing an apology (which Deborah most definitely did not deserve anyway), the club replied with their own message.

Their stunning response was shared hundreds of times on social media before being removed.

They wrote:

It certainly made us grimace that even in today’s society there are such dim lights still flickering in the background harbouring such racist and personally disgusting views towards other human beings.

We have a society of acceptance and tolerance within the UK yet there are people who still exist with such outdated and outrageous beliefs of racial hatred.

Did you not for one second think that the door staff could have been British citizens with a proud heritage?

As for ‘olive coloured f****** a******, what colour would you prefer the doormen to be in your country?”

Is there a particular shade of white that is acceptable?

The club later posted a message sent to them by Facebook asking them to review the page’s content.

Apparently racial hatred is permitted, speaking out against such is not. Such a strange world.


What a response from the nightclub.

It’s 2016, racism should not still be an issue.


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