No Charges For ‘I needed A BJ’ Kentucky Mayor Who Exchanged Favors For Sex

Mayor Scott Ellis of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, is getting off, so to speak, of charges that he exchanged money, pardons, and other favors with a woman in exchange for sex, even though, according to prosecution documents, he admitted to the behavior when presented with evidence of it by investigators.

Facebook messages between Ellis and an unidentified woman facing drug charges discuss the mayor obtaining a pardon for the woman from the governor in return for oral sex.  As reported by Raw Story:

“What I meant by you need something and I need something,” Ellis wrote in one message. “[Y]ou needed money for your phone and I needed a bj or sex.”

In another message, Ellis complained that the woman was asking for things without providing sexual favors in return.

“We haven’t had any trade offs the last two times,” he said.

“I know I’m sorry,” the woman said in her reply. “How about we try to do something on your lunch break?”

The messages between the two also reportedly contained nude photographs of the woman.

According to investigators, Ellis was originally “untruthful regarding any sexual contact” but confessed on video when confronted with the Facebook messages by the attorney general’s office. The parolee was apparently not the only woman Ellis solicited either. He also targeted two other former employees for sex.

And if you needed some good ol’ fashioned racism to go with your sexual impropriety, Ellis was also found to have been heard using the N-word by a lieutenant colonel in the city’s police department, once saying “that every ‘N*gger’ born should be injected with Cycle Cell [sic] so that they could not reproduce.”

However, despite the evidence and confession, special prosecutor Mark Shouse dismissed the indictment for solicitation against the mayor. More suspicious, the lead detective in the case, Lynn Hunt, has since been fired and charged with a misdemeanor for “allegedly violating department policies” and “accessing government records without permission.” She has filed a wrongful termination suit,

Confronted with the evidence uncovered by local station WDRB, Ellis denied everything, saying “This is the first time I’ve seen [the Facebook messages]… I don’t recognize them.”

No Charges For ‘I needed A BJ’ Kentucky Mayor Who Exchanged Favors For Sex

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