No Modern Sports Game Can Touch These 90’s Favorites –

If you grew up in the 90’s, you know what I’m talking about; you know. Nothing against the sports games of today – technically, they’re amazing. But there’s something about NHL 94 that’ll never be touched by today’s games.

They were just simple, and fun and so steeped in the nostalgia of our childhoods. It was a different world, and I kinda miss sitting in my basement with friends, just crushing it on my SNES.

NHL 94
This is the definitive NHL game; the gameplay is smooth, the goaltenders are challenging and there’s finally a season mode.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
It was the fact that you could customize everything, that made this game so awesome. Plus this was the last time Montreal fans got to play as the Expos before shit hit the fan.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Between the insane Superman-style dunks and no fouls, that’s why we loved this game.

Mutant League Football
Video game football is amazing. Playing as robots, skeletons, mutants and orcs is even better.

NHL 96

While 94 is still the definitive version, the single player mode in this game allowed you to really take control of your team for a season.

Super Baseball 2020
I’m not a huge fan of video game baseball, but this makes it fun. Everyone’s enhanced and home runs are insane.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
While most will say the sequel’s the best, I like how simple and pure the first one was. Plus the soundtrack was banging.

NFL Blitz
This is a fun version of football; the hits are comically strong, passes can go the entire field and a lot of the more boring rules were taken away.

1080 Snowboarding
This game is 20 years old, and yet no other snowboarding game comes close to how awesome the physics were in the game. I loved it for that pure 90s soundtrack of awesomeness.

FIFA Road To World Cup 98
It’s ridiculous how much this game could do on the N64. The game allowed you to take any of the 174 countries, and play through a full qualification. Plus you could change their kit and make it even more awesome.

Tecmo Super Bowl
This is the oldest game on the list, and it’s still sick. It’s real enough that you feel like you’re in the NFL, but not too challenging for newbies.

Wave Race 64
Jet Ski racers are a hit or miss on consoles, but this one was just perfect. The water was realistic, and you even got to ride a secret dolphin.

Virtua Tennis
This came out in 1999 and made the game of tennis exiting on a console.

Knockout Kings
This was the first boxing game to get all the greats together. You wanna play as Ali or Frasier? You can.

Baseball Stars 2
The NeoGeo version of this game is unstoppable. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is fun and it’s just so comical and crazy, that it works.

Cruisin’ USA
Nothing beats this arcade game. At my local, there were always line ups to play this one, and no racing game beats how free 10 year old me felt, driving a sports car.


Mike Tyson’s Punch -Out!!
This game is the definitive boxing game, and it’s also incredibly frustrating to play. Probably should ignore the kinda racist elements of the game, though. It was a different time.

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