Norwegian Drunk Football Is Just The Best Thing Ever

Norwegian Drunk Football Is Just The Best Thing Ever



Forget a goal being disallowed for offside or because you’ve accidentally stroked the goalkeeper with a feather, what football really needs is disallowed goals because the goalscorer isn’t drunk enough. That’s exactly what you get with this drunk football from Norway.

If only Wayne Rooney was Norwegian, he’d be heralded as the greatest drunk footballer of his time rather than castigated by the media for having a few pints at the team hotel and playing piano in the lead up to a game he wasn’t even playing in.

Norwegian drunk football is pretty simple. It’s your usual game of five-a-side but, before the match, players have to drink to the extent that their blood alcohol concentration is 1.0. That’s some heavy boozing.

And it doesn’t stop with pre-drinks. The players have to maintain that level or their goals are disallowed. Of course hilarity and terrible football ensues, as does one of football’s greatest comebacks:

It really warms your heart that the drunkest man on the pitch scores a late late winner from 3-0 down. There’s still hope for Rooney yet.

As for fan engagement, the fans are invited in to the changing room prior to kick-off to join in the drinking. This truly is a sport of kings!

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I think more sports should be played like this, it would make it worth watching.

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