Nosy Snoopers Confess The Things They Wish They Hadn’t Found Out

Humans are curious creatures—we just want to know each other’s secrets. Because not everybody overshares on Facebook, sometimes you just have to do the work, and do some snooping.

snooping like snoopy!

Snooping like Snoopy.

A recent Reddit thread asked people what they discovered snooping that they really wish they hadn’t.

We’re all nosy snoopers on these nosy snoopers, but at least they’re sharing these stories on purpose.


1. ts151 was Nicholson’d.

I was around 7 or 8, snooping in my mom and dad’s closet. I found a file with some papers, including my birth certificate. It had my sister’s name as my mom and for dad it said “unknown”. So that was my first indication I was being raised by my grandparents. Yeah, that was a pretty crappy day.

2. MyCatIsAZombie stumbled on a double tragedy.

My mom lost her phone, so while at their house, I fished out my dad’s old iPhone 4 and charged it up so she could activate it and use it while waiting for her replacement. The phone was a few years old, so I decided to look through the pictures for fun/I’m a fucking snoop. I stumbled upon a very naked photo of my dad (a fucking mirror selfie, jfc dad) and immediately threw the phone to my mom in disgust.

My mom’s face turned white and said “this picture was definitely not for me.”

And that’s how I accidentally exposed my dad’s affair.

3. RunningAwayInMyMind is still running away from this in their mind.

About 11/12, staying at my uncle and aunts. They went out for the day and I stayed back as I was feeling ill. Looked in their closet, found a suspicious video. Popped it in. Lady in greenhouse spreading herself. Nice. Started fapping. Realised it was my aunt.

4. BeardedBitch learned their lesson.

Yesterday. My room mate ditched out of state right before rent is due, so naturally I am curious how he left his room and what not. Got more than I bargained for. Room is a disaster, beer bottles and food all over, but the thing that got me most was his anal vibrator, and a huge pile of fuck wads. If I ever see him again, I may just go to prison.

5. Probablydrunkrightnow’s tale is an indie rom-com coming to a Sundance Film Festival near you.

Reading my husbands(at the time room mates) facebook messages when we were just room mates. Many of them were about the crazy girl he lived with and how much he hated her. Broke my heart honestly. But it was my fault for looking.

I was the crazy girl.

Medicated and happily married now

6. Huliann got her just desserts.

I found my parents’ Chocolate Body Frosting in our fridge in the garage. I was in high school when I found it, and still haven’t told them that I know it was out there.

7. 19eighty8 got warning about her baby’s sibling.

While pregnant, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go through my SO’s phone. Come to find out I wasn’t the only one carrying his child. Yikes!

8. IamFrankFrank deserves a real message.

When I was a kid I found my mom’s back massager. I went on to use it as a back massager. In hindsight, I regret this.

9. There’s some grandparents’ wisdom you don’t want to reap, AncientVigil knows.

Fixing my grandmother’s laptop, and found what I though would be the answer. Restarted the laptop but needed to find the page again so, without thinking, I opened the history.

Now, I’m pretty hard to shake, but nobody is ready to suddenly discover their grandma’s taste in porn.

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