Do NOT Fuck With This Woman – Do NOT Try To Take Her Car

Do NOT Fuck With This Woman – Do NOT Try To Take Her Car

On Saturday night, a woman stopped in at an Exxon station in Atlanta, got out of her car, and then returned to the vehicle only to be greeted by two carjackers believed to be in their teens or early ’20s.

According to WTOC, at least one of the men was armed as evidenced by the surveillance tape showing that he hit the victim over the head with his gun. Still, that didn’t stop this woman from fighting off both attackers and keeping what was rightfully hers. Well, they did make off with her cellphone, but she got to keep her own car. Sometimes you just gotta take an L.

“She struggles with all her might,” Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard told WTOC. “She’s able to get some of her items back. They get in her vehicle. She snatches them from the car. They get in the car again.”

Granted, this scenario ended well considering that the woman was outnumbered and appeared to be unarmed. And by “ended well,” I mean that she is still alive.

“I don’t recommend what she did,” Pickard said. “but she was brave, and she spoiled a robbery on her person.”

We’ll make it a point not to fuck with any women in the greater Atlanta area as they are clearly not willing to tolerate any shit.


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