Nutcase Chases Down Driver And Shoots Vehicle


This guy clearly doesn’t have the emotional control and self discipline needed to be a responsible firearm owner.

via ABC 30:

“ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — Dashcam video captured a violent road rage incident that put two young children and a driver at risk as gunshots rang out in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Officials say James Hoffert, a father and military veteran, is seen on video pulling out a firearm during a heated confrontation involving another man in a truck.

Hoffert appears to become enraged when he says the other driver was “threatening my kids” and jumps out of his vehicle.

The footage appears to show Hoffert firing several shots at the truck after the other man allegedly backed into the front of Hoffert’s vehicle.

Officials say Hoffert also flashed sirens on his vehicle.

Hoffert pleaded guilty to shooting from a car, child abuse and using unauthorized emergency equipment.”


One reply on “Nutcase Chases Down Driver And Shoots Vehicle”

Not a nutcase but a perfect candidate for becoming a cop in somewhere USA…

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