NYPD Union Starts Flickr Account Mocking The Homeless

 In an effort to embarrass Mayor Bill de Blasio or something, the second largest policeman’s union in New York City has begun photographing the homeless and uploading their pictures to Flickr for an initiative called (I shit you not) “Peek-a-Boo, We See You!” A Flickr account operated by the union representing New York Police Department sergeants has spent the last week or so prolifically shaming the city’s most destitute residents. So far, the Sergeants Benevolent Association has posted 241 photos of homeless New Yorkers, some alongside “funny” captions about their subjects.

In an initiative glowingly profiled by the New York Post, the Sergeants Benevolent Association is encouraging cops and their pals to take picture of homeless people and upload them to this Flickr account while they are off duty, as it’s illegal for a police officer to photograph the public while on duty. The purpose seems to be three-fold: To mock efforts to hold police accountable for their behavior via videos and body cameras, to kick homeless people when they’re down, and to embarrass de Blasio by showing that New York still has homeless people a full year and a half into his mayorship.

The press release, which can be read here, spends most of its time bemoaning new laws proposed by various “self serving” politicians in an effort to get the cops to hurt and kill fewer people and hold them accountable when they do. It concludes with a call to action:

As you travel about the City of New York, please utilize your smart phones to photograph the homeless lying in our streets, aggressive panhandlers, people urinating in public or engaging in open-air drug activity, and quality of life offenses of every type.

The vast majority of the people in the photos do not appear to be breaking any laws (and the ones who are, say, peeing in the street are obviously not doing it for fun), but that hasn’t stopped people from appending comments and captions like “disgusting,” “bed and breakfast” (on someone sleeping in the street) and, on a black guy, “isn’t that prez Obama?”

The Post, no slouch itself when it comes to publicly embarrassing the incredibly poor for a few cheap political points, reports that SBA president Ed Mullins is hoping to use the initiative to critique the de Blasio administration and strike back against the trend of citizens recording the police.

Noting that more cops are being recorded on the job, Mullins wrote, “Shouldn’t accountability go both ways?”

“We, the ‘Good Guys,’ are sworn to protect our citizens. Shouldn’t our public officials be held to the same standard?” he said.

Mullins said he was responding to the past two years of “failed policies, more homeless encampments on city streets, a 10 percent increase in homicides, and the diminishing of our hard-earned and well-deserved public perception of the safest large city in America.”

For more on why law enforcement unions can only exert a regressive influence on society, read this article.

NYPD Union Starts Flickr Account Mocking The Homeless


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