Of All the Things That Never Happened, These 11 Things Never Happened

Of All the Things That Never Happened, These 11 Things Never Happened

We’re not calling these people liars, but, c’mon. It’s too easy to call the internet dingleberries out on their insane bullshit and we will never get tired of relentlessly mocking them for it.

The next time you feel the urge to fabricate some dumb story for karma, remember, we’re always watching and always waiting to put you in one of these galleries.

1. Funny story: this didn’t happen.

via rosecoloredgirl23

2. Get off my lawn, hooligans!

via kippller

3. I’m sure that’s exactly what he said and not “I like wolves and I also just peed my pants”.

via vld-s

4. The President AND Shakespeare stood up and clapped.

via Omusa

5. You’re really not.

via gately1

6. You’re only allowed into this Target if you have a trendy Twitter account.

via justin2873

7. Josh’s mom is so thoughtful.

via thehumortrain

8. Sure, buddy.

via swagpig7

9. In his wildest fantasies, the most this kid does is assault a teacher.

via redagfdgafd

10. Everyone get down, this is a robbery! Put the crypto currencies in the bag and no one gets hurt!

via Chill420

11. You should have taken the job, tbh.

via cafeteriastyle

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