Oh Crap! 7 People Who Died On The Toilet


Elvis Presley


The King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley, died while sitting on the throne at his Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977. Unable to sleep, he told fiancee Ginger Alden he was going to go to the bathroom to read; she found him the next morning on the floor with his gold pajamas around his ankles. The book he was reading was The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus.

While the coroner reported he died of cardiac arrhythmia, it was later revealed to be a cover story to protect his reputation. He died of a cocktail of ten prescription medications—including morphine and Demerol—coupled with a shot of codeine he received while getting a crown at the dentist. (Source 1 | Source 2)


Judy Garland


Film legend Judy Garland sadly met her fate due to an accidental overdose of barbiturates. For much of her life, Judy was secretly addicted to “pep pills,” which were provided to her by the studios to keep her thin and full of energy. By the time of her death at 47, she had been married five times and had several stints in sanitariums. She was found by fifth husband Mickey Deans, whom she had just married three months before, sitting on the toilet with her her head bent forward, hands folded in her lap and blood coming out of her mouth and nostrils. (Source 1 |Source 2)


Lenny Bruce


On his typewriter in the other room was: “Conspiracy to interfere with the fourth amendment const…”

Stand-up comic Lenny Bruce inspired many comedians with both his humor and, unfortunately, his drug habit. After numerous arrests for performing “obscene” material, Bruce’s career hit the skids, and his heroin addiction spiraled out of control. On August 3, 1966, at the age of 41, Bruce was found in the bathroom naked, sitting on the can with a needle still stuck in his arm.
(Source 1 | Source 2)



Don Simpson


He was reading a biography of Oliver Stone

The pressures of fame coupled with drug addiction and the strain of taking a crap is a common theme of many deaths on this list. Producer Don Simpson, famous for 80s blockbusters such as Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop, was also infamous in Hollywood circles for an excessive amount of drug use. His career crashed and burned in the 90s, but Simpson’s excesses only grew. When police discovered his lifeless body in the bathroom on January 19, 1996, they also found 2,200 pills arranged alphabetically in his closet.
(Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3)


Convict that escaped death row electrocuted on toilet


File under ironic toilet deaths. Michael Anderson Godwin had been on death row in Columbia, South Carolina. His sentence was overturned in 1983 and changed to life. In March 1989, he was sitting on the metal toilet seat in his cell where he was attempting to fix a broken headphone and bit into a wire, resulting in his electrocution. (Source | Photo)


Teenage girl dies from NOT using toilet for 8 weeks


It can be deadly to go to the bathroom, but even more deadly if you do NOT. Sixteen-year-old Emily Titterington of England was diagnosed with mild autism and had a phobia of going to the loo. According to her parents, she would hold in her stool for weeks Her mother begged many times for doctors to examine her, but they only prescribed laxatives. On Feb 3, 2013, Emily collapsed at home and later died in the hospital. She had not gone to the bathroom in 8 weeks and according to the coroner had “massive extension of the large bowel.” (Source)


Husband, mother-in-law die after jumping into open toilet pit


A grieving relative at the scene

Finally, we’ll leave you with TWO deaths that occurred at the same time… IN the toilet! In Xinxiang City, China, a woman out with her family went to use a public open-pit toilet and accidentally dropped her new $320 cell phone in the muck. Panicked, she called her husband for help, who jumped in to retrieve the phone, only to immediately succumb to the fumes and lose consciousness. Next, the mother-in-law jumped in, trying to save her son, followed by the woman who initially dropped it and then the father-in-law; two other villagers also jumped in to help. Although the incident lasted less than five minutes and the shit was only knee deep, six people lost consciousness and were pulled from the pit. By the time the ambulance arrived an hour later, the husband and mother-in-law had died of suffocation. (Source 1 | Source 2 | Via)


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