Oh, You’re Pissed Off At Donald Trump Because Of Trump U? Check Out This Shady Shit Bill Clinton Pulled


The mainstream media has vilified Donald Trump for his involvement in the for-profit Trump U. but new reports allege that the exact same thing was happening in the Clinton family, only the Clintons were taking in millions of dollars more than Trump ever did.

Now before we get rolling on the details I just want to say please, for the love of God, do NOT interpret this as my own personal endorsement of Donald Trump. I’m not telling any of you bros who I’m voting for. All I care about today is playing it straight and making sure that the coverage is balanced. Because it’s unfair that the public has completely admonished Donald Trump for his involvement in the for-profit Trump U. when on the other side of the election former President Bill Clinton was allegedly doing the exact same thing but getting paid A LOT more than Trump. The media coverage should be equal on this, and Bill Clinton’s alleged involvement in a crooked as fuck for-profit school needs to be acknowledged.


Bill Clinton made much more money as honorary chancellor of Laureate International Universities than Donald Trump made from Trump University, sources say. While Trump won’t reveal exactly how much he earned, I’m told it’s less than the $16.5 million Clinton was paid over five years for lending his name to the Laureate network.
The former president’s involvement may have helped groups associated with Laureate’s founder and chairman Douglas Becker obtain $55 million from the State Department and another $150 million from the International Finance Corp., a member of the World Bank.
Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone wonders, “Are the Clintons paying themselves with State Department money?”
“Clinton was getting nearly $4 million a year, for what?” an insider in the for-profit education industry said. “It’s protection money. While every other for-profit school was getting bashed on Capitol Hill, Laureate got a pass.”
Trump is fighting a $40 million fraud suit by NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — despite positive evaluation reports from a majority of its students — because his company wasn’t a “real” university, and only offered weekend seminars.
“Why [is the media] going after Trump and not going after Laureate?” a Trump associate said. “It’s a scam.”
A competitor in for-profit education who was in Libya to make a deal there was turned down by an official who explained, “‘Laureate can get visas for Libyan students to come to the US.’ I had to admit, ‘I can’t do that.’”

The crux of the allegations here seem to claim that Bill Clinton’s only involvement was lending his name to the Laureate International Universities, for-profit schools, by using the Clinton name to secure student visas for Libyan students. This appears to have been a MASSIVE edge over the other for-profit schools in the world, one that set Laureate apart from the rest.

Now if former President Bill Clinton was heavily involved in a shady for-profit university and took on $16.5 MILLION just for lending his name for five years then why in the hell isn’t the mainstream media discussing this with as much energy as they’ve spent ripping apart Trump U? The excerpts above were taken from an Associated Press story re-published on PageSix, why isn’t this getting the coverage it deserves? Seems shady to me…But if you want to do your part and spread this story just hit those Facebook and Twitter buttons down below, every share counts!



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