Ohio Man Says Pat Sajak Told Him To Kill His Mother

Ohio Man Says Pat Sajak Told Him To Kill His Mother

Weird. I just heard him ask one of the players if she wanted to buy a vowel.

According to WTAE, a 48-year-old Akron man who killed his mother in December 2016 was found “not guilty by reason of insanity” last week. The reason that ruling is extremely fair and just? You guessed it – the guy said he was receiving his murderous orders from Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.


The attorney for Derrick Williams told the judge his client “believed he was getting messages from the TV game show when he heard his hometown mentioned” and “thought Sajak was telling him to kill his mother when Sajak said, ‘Do it.’” Throw that in with the fact that Williams was off his meds, and the “clearly psychotic” description used by his attorney seems rather accurate.



It’s unknown if the judge would have handed down the same verdict if Williams would have said he was receiving his instructions from Anne Robinson of The Weakest Link, as I think that show left more than just a couple of people fucked in the head after watching it.


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