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Ohio Woman Arrested For Soliciting Sex In Exchange For…Nachos

Ohio Woman Arrested For Soliciting Sex In Exchange For…Nachos

Hell, I would do a lot of things for a batch of nachos.

So let me first remind you of the Wyoming man who tried to pay a hooker with with a Quarter Pounder and fries, and let me also remind you of the Oregon dude who gave a prostitute a bushbaby as a tip. Now that I have your mind on the right track, let’s get going with this bizarre and hilarious story.

Crystal D. Hotlosz, a 36-year-old woman of Clairsville, was arrested Monday for soliciting sex in exchange for nachos and some cash. Read that again. The woman was arrested because she was going to have sex with someone for nachos. Cash, too, but it’s the nachos she really wanted.

Crystal sure looks sad she didn’t get her nachos.

Officers said they discovered Hotlosz on the website, which she was using to sell her body for “$60 and nachos” to individuals looking for sex acts.

And here is where it gets even stranger: According to police, Hotlosz was “very adamant about getting the nachos,” and asked the officer several times if he had them, as well as any cash. I mean, I guess people walk around with a bowl of nachos in their pockets. You never know.

Well, because of all that Hotlosz was arrested and charged with solicitation, possession of criminal tools and promoting prostitution.

And still no nachos.



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