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Old Man Get Rejected By Aspiring Model, Gets Arrested When He Moons Her

Old Man Get Rejected By Aspiring Model, Gets Arrested When He Moons Her



Yeah, because now she’ll totally want to go home with you after seeing that shit.

So unfortunately it can’t be all about Ariel Winter’s butt or all about college girls and their butts, sometimes we have to talk about this, too.

I’m sure most old dudes will tell you that the secret to bedding younger women is that you have to talk a good game, let them know that you’re filthy rich and make them laugh so much that they’re totally going to overlook your old, saggy balls and floppy ass when they decide to jump in the sack with you.

Well, according to The Smoking Gun, a 78-year-old Texas man went the exact opposite route and just dropped his drawers in front of a 29-year-old aspiring model in Louisiana last Saturday afternoon after his small talk didn’t do the trick, as he was promptly arrested for that unwanted mooning.



Police said Robert Scott approached the woman outside of the DoubleTree Hotel in Kenner and told her they should go out because she looked like a model. When she replied that she had a boyfriend, Scott went the “sugar daddy” route and then dropped in some sexual connotations. That didn’t work either, and the model asked him to get out of her face.

That’s when Scott – who was wearing a cowboy hat and blue jeans – decided to drop those blue jeans and expose “his anus, buttocks, and part of his genitals to the victim.” That also didn’t go over very well with the aspiring model, so police arrived a short while later and arrested him for obscenity.

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