Ominous Egyptian Sarcophagus Opened, Found To Contain No Dark Forces

Ominous Egyptian Sarcophagus Opened, Found To Contain No Dark Forces

It’ll unleash a thousands-year-old curse, they said. It’ll be just like “The Mummy,” they said. Give life to an all-powerful evil spirit who will inflict untold death and destruction, they said. They were wrong. All that was unleashed was a wicked smell. Egyptian archaeologists have opened a large, black, mysterious sarcophagus, which had briefly captured the imaginations of doomsday enthusiasts and Indiana Jones fans, only to make a relatively pedestrian discovery.


Inside the foreboding tomb were three sets of bones, believed to be military officers or soldiers, and some water. The stench, after first cracking the coffin, was so bad it interrupted the inspection, the BBC reported. The remains were not well preserved, said Mostafa Waziri, the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. But, he noted, at least the worst did not come to pass. “We’ve opened it and, thank God, the world has not fallen into darkness,” the BBC quoted him saying.


More serious observers were hoping that the sarcophagus, being the largest discovered in Alexandria, might contain the long-sought remains of Alexander the Great. But that also was not to be. The sarcophagus was discovered earlier this month at a construction site in the northern Egyptian city. Some social media users, hoping for the fantastical, were left disappointed.

“The Alexandria sarcophagus has been opened but unfortunately nothing has come out of it to eat the sun,” lamented one. “Big Mysterious Sarcophagus Opened, Sucks,” read the headline on the website Gizmodo. According to the Egyptian government, the sarcophagus will now be transferred to the Alexandria National Museum for restoration and study.

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