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“One word says it all. Asian”

“One word says it all. Asian”

25 year law student with an AirBnB reservation in a California ski resort town (Big Bear? I don’t know it personally)—was texting asking if she could add two more friends to the reservation and pay extra; AirBnB host said yes.

Then, having slogged through the slow and roads to get there (she needed chains on her tires)—when she went looking for the final details for location/entry—the host seems to have gone ballistic—and turned quite racist.

Not a happy video.
Found it somewhere else (can’t remember where; SFGate?)–but the Gizmodo commentary is worth adding.

“Suh, who is enrolled at UCLA Law’s Critical Race Studies Program, said that she and her friends were uncertain where they’d find shelter for the night, their alarm exacerbated by an increasingly heavy snow storm. Luckily, they happened upon a KTLA 5 News van, populated by reporters doing a story on the snow. (California, amirite?)

Suh relayed the situation to one of the team’s reporters, who filmed the interview on his smart phone. The friends were eventually able to locate a “cute cabin after two hours of roaming around the snowy mountain,” Suh said.

The group may have made it to safety, but the viciousness of the incident will continue to haunt Suh.

“I’m an American citizen. This is my home,” Suh said during her interview with KTLA 5. “It stings. It stings that after living in the U.S. for over 23 years, this is what happens.”


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