Online Dating: 5 Crucial Mistakes Every Man Must Avoid


Tired of conventional dating scenarios, more and more people go online in search of something fresh. Mingling with people via the Internet is always intriguing and dream-provoking. On the other hand, you need to awaken a girl`s interest first to diversify your love life. And this is where all the issues occur. You may think of yourself as a professional seducer, but what if it`s far from the truth? As nobody is perfect, you are not saved from failures too. This article outlines the top 5 common mistakes every guy makes dating online. Find out how you can improve your chances of attracting women online with the help of our friends from Jump4Love.com where you can find beautiful Ukrainian girls to marry!

  1. Dumb intro

In fact, billions of men fail to start a conversation in a proper way. What are we talking about? Introduce yourself to make a good first impression. Look, if you just write something like “hi” or “hey beautiful”, a girl will probably take you for a lummox. Write something meaningful, so that your prospective love becomes interested in replying. Say, she mentions about having some original hobbies in her profile – ask her to tell you more about those. Yet don`t get too persistent or intimate. Present yourself to her in a polite and welcoming manner. Your words have more power than a hot picture.


  1. Not handling a conversation

This may sound weird, but you can`t communicate without planning a dialogue in advance. Great if your discussion runs its course, but sometimes you merely don`t have any ideas on how to boost it. Go through her profile to find things she likes and dislikes, and then set your mind to those. Once you start chatting, show her that you are keen on this conversation. If you reply something that does not actually promotes a dialogue, your talks may come to naught very soon. Read her messages carefully and ask questions, text about things that matter to you and your partner – you must trigger her to respond. Even if you two have a lot in common, the true mutual understanding doesn`t come immediately.

  1. Words over deeds

On the Internet, everyone is eager to introduce himself as a terrific person. Writing about your best qualities in your profile seems to be the most obvious way to succeed, however, this is a big no-no. You have to prove yourself as a clever, easy-going, and generous guy instead of just talking about your fantastic potential. Even if you haven`t met her in person yet, you are free to fascinate her verbally. Pick up the right words, avoid ambiguous phrases, don`t tell jokes she might take wrong. That`s indeed not so hard to master!

  1. Getting attached too soon

Though online meetings may be alluring, do not let it infatuate you! Yes, it`s super easy to become attached to enchanting photos and texts. However, a person behind the profile may also fail to meet your high expectations. Never be quick to judge, especially in virtual life. Moreover, if you do not foresee anything special about a girl, you may be pleasantly surprised with her true essence. That`s why we strongly recommend you stay away from fantasizing.


  1. Being timid

Even in our feminist era, being a man means being proactive. When it comes to building a relationship, you must move the process up! Don`t hesitate to ask her out. After all, this is the only solid way to know whether she is a good match for you or not. Demonstrate your manly behavior – be decisive, initiative, and enthusiastic. You don`t want her to think of you as a deadhead, do you? Of course, you mustn`t be too persistent, give her time to feel the connection between you. Don`t get upset if she denies your invitation for the first time. If she is really into your contact, you always have a chance to try a bit later.


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