Orange Is The New Black: 7 Reasons To Be Excited For Season 6

A riot, an escape, and multiple murders. The first five seasons of Netflix’s most popular original series, Orange Is the New Black, have been eventful, to say the least.

Following season five’s riot, it looked as if the inmates were headed their separate ways. However, the release of the season six trailer shows that at least some of the ladies will remain together in a new maximum-security prison.

It’s a tough job to keep such a long-running series fresh. However, with this new prison bringing with it new inmates and guards, there’ll be no shortage of drama. This season looks set to revitalise the show by placing our favourite Litchfield residents into a new environment, which, combined with the fallout and subsequent investigation into the riot, will test them more than ever before.

There’s no doubt that this season is going to be one of the darkest yet with the ladies not only fighting for survival, but to avoid facing the full force of the law.

So, with the long-awaited sixth season nearly upon us, it’s once again time to get reacquainted with Piper Chapman and the rest of the Litchfield ladies.

7. A New Prison


After spending five seasons in the same prison, it’ll be an interesting transition to move from minimum to maximum-security. One of the main draws of OITNB is that it gives an insight into life inside a women’s prison, so a look at life inside another type will be a welcome change.

Not only will the new prison provide a change of scenery, it will also change the entire routine of the inmates. From where they sleep, to meal times, to recreation, all of these will impact on the inmates lives in some way and could even alter the dynamic between them leading to interesting consequences.

Although some viewers may miss Litchfield as it was, after all, as much a part of the show as the inmates, this change will be important moving forward as, after five years, staying fresh is important.

6. Unlikely Alliances


During the past few series, OITNB has torn up the rulebook when it comes to friendships and after Big Boo and Pennsatucky’s burgeoning relationship from season 4 onwards, anything is possible.

One sub-plot that features heavily in the trailer is the introduction of coloured uniforms and different groups based on these colours. Whilst in Litchfield, groups were split broadly down racial lines with most friendships existing within these groups. However, the fight for survival in this new system will strain these existing friendships and lead to some new, and unexpected, ones.

The season 6 trailer has shown a number of these alliances already, including; Taystee and Flaca, and Pennsatucky and Crazy Eyes. However, especially with the ongoing investigation, these could rapidly change and it will be exciting to see how the inmates band together to survive.

5. Possible Resolutions


There are many threads from the past five seasons that are yet to be neatly tied up. Of course, there will be resolutions to some of the main season 5 cliff-hangers, most notably outcome of Piper and co. remaining in the building and the fate of administrator-turned-prisoner Linda Ferguson.

However, and possibly more excitingly, there is the potential for conclusions to some of the more long-running mysteries. This could be especially apparent due to the investigation into the shooting, and eventual death, of CO Humphries. With Daya mainly in the frame, could there be a return of the father of her child – CO John Bennet? And with his death actually being a result of Maureen Kukudio interfering with his IV, is this the season where we finally discover what her crime was?

Although it is by no means guaranteed that there will be any answers to the more long-running questions, a conclusion to at least some loose-ends will be sure to satisfy die-hard fans.

4. A New Focus


Although the shift from Piper’s prison experience to the experience of the entire prison has been a gradual one across the series, this season should mark the final transition. It’s clear that after 5 seasons, Piper’s 15 month sentence must be coming to an end soon and that she must, eventually, be written out of the series.

Due to her minimal involvement in the riot, season 6 is the perfect opportunity to start to adjust the audience to a Piper-less prison. It is more than likely that she will be relegated to a supporting character to make way for more pivotal characters, such as Daya and Taystee, who participated much more heavily in the riot.

Ultimately the show’s continued future is ultimately dependent on whether it can adapt to being without her. However, with such a rich ensemble of characters, there is no reason to believe that it couldn’t survive without her.

3. Return Of Familiar Faces


With only the trailer released, it’s difficult to judge how many former characters will make a reappearance during this season. One that did feature in the trailer though was Lolly Whitehead.

This reintroduction could play a major role throughout the season due to her knowledge of Aydin’s death at the hands of Alex Vause in season 4. Lolly and Alex coming face-to-face during this season could change the entire future of the series, especially after her engagement to Piper at the end of the previous season.

Fans of the show have already begun to speculate about Alex’s future following her notable absence from the trailer and although it would, of course, be a bold move to write her out entirely it could lead to some interesting and dramatic consequences that would certainly be worth watching.

2. Lasting Consequences


With potential charges of the murder of a guard and being the ringleader of a 3-day-long riot hanging over the inmate’s heads, it is clear the stakes have never been higher. Long gone are the days where the SHU was a feared punishment, anyone found guilty as a result of the investigation would be facing life imprisonment.

The trailer has shown the pressure that the inmates are under to crack and reveal the culprits so tensions will be high throughout the season. Not only would the person found guilty face consequences, but the person responsible for sending one of their own to that fate would likely also face their own repercussions from fellow inmates.

Season 5 showed the length that some inmates are willing to go for their families on the outside, specifically Gloria and Ruiz, but season 6 could push some to go even further to save themselves from never seeing the outside world again.

1. New Inmates


Much like returning characters, at this point, with only the trailer released, it’s difficult to say what impact new inmates will have. It is clear though that the change of prison will, of course, bring new prisoners and guards with it.

This host of new inmates will be sure to cause conflict, as the old Litchfield residents fight to find their place within the existing cliques of the new prison. One new character that has drawn much media attention is Rebecca Knox’s character, Tina Swope, with Knox describing her as a “tough little thing” she is sure to ruffle feathers amongst the old Litchfield residents.

The transition to MCC and introduction of new inmates in season 4 did much to revitalise the series, so a further increase to the ensemble cast in this season is an exciting thought.


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