Oregon Man Stabs Guy Because ‘Taylor Swift Told Him To Do It’

Oregon Man Stabs Guy Because ‘Taylor Swift Told Him To Do It’

Oh, Taylor, what have you done?

I bet you Taylor Swift fans don’t know that she makes people stab others, right? Well, this is what 43-year-old Brent Thicksten claimed after he was arrested for stabbing someone. It all kicked off when Thicksten began “acting weird” and harassing and menacing people on the street. And it turned bloody when Thicksten spotted his victim, Andrew Rice.


Thicksten chased Rice with “what appeared to be a knife,” and then swung at him, leaving a small laceration on his back. And here’s where it gets strange: After caught, Thicksten then told police that he stabbed Rice because “my wife told me to kill him.” And who is his wife? Taylor Swift.

Thicksten was asked by police where “his wife is,” and Thicksten simply responded with this: “We are one.” Oh boy…

Thicksten then refused to answer any more questions, telling cops he had “a top secret clearance.” He was then charged with an assortment of felonies and misdemeanors. No word yet how his wife feels about all this.

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