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Oregon Militiamen Left Behind ‘Trench’ Of ‘Human Feces’

It seems the recently surrendered Oregon militiamen left the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge more malodorous than they found it.

When the 41-day standoff finally drew to a close, the domestic terrorists warned authorities that they had left behind booby traps, but now it appears they may have left other goodies as well in the form of an enormous trench of human feces and rooms full of rotting food.


According to Oregon Live:

The FBI Evidence Response Team began its work last Friday. The team initially found “significant amounts” of human feces in and around the outdoor camping area and “large food stores that are spoiling” in living quarters on the refuge outside Burns, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ethan Knight and Geoffrey Barrow wrote.

The jolly ranchers had apparently excavated two large trenches on the property, one of which was brimming with human shit.


“At least one of these trenches contains human feces,” according to Knight and Barrow.

It’s unclear what happened to all the giant dildos that people sent them but twenty-five of the standoff participants have been arrested and face felony charges of conspiracy to interfere with federal workers.


[Oregon Live]

Oregon Militiamen Left Behind ‘Trench’ Of ‘Human Feces’


3 replies on “Oregon Militiamen Left Behind ‘Trench’ Of ‘Human Feces’”

Silly militia men thought they could make a difference. Some things the US govt. is doing is wrong. Flat out unconstitutional. But no one even cared WHY these guys were mad, because what they were doing to make their point was ridiculous.

I would say that they should’ve gone thru the legal channels, brought light to the problem, and maybe changed the law…but we all know the US govt. does what it wants.

In the end, these people gave up their lives (one literally) for nothing.

Well, almost nothing. We got to make fun of them and ship them dildos. And we got a video of the old guy getting shot.

Good times.

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