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Oregon Woman’s Stolen Car Gets Returned With Unbelievable Note And Gas Money

Oregon Woman’s Stolen Car Gets Returned With Unbelievable Note And Gas Money



A Portland woman must have thought she asked her friend for a pretty simple favor recently when she asked her to take her key and go pick up her red Subaru that was parked on the street near a certain intersection.

But according to KGW, there was more than one red Subaru parked on the street at that location, and son of a bee sting, the key worked for that one as well. That red Subaru belonged to Erin Hatzi, who was beyond shocked at the manner in which her car was “stolen” when she watched what went down on surveillance video.



Photo: KGW

“We were really confused because it didn’t seem like the normal actions of a car thief,” Hatzi said. “You wouldn’t think they’d sit there in idle in the owner’s driveway for two or three minutes.”

The reason it didn’t seem like the actions of a normal car thief is because the woman who took her car wasn’t actually a car thief. It just so happened that she had a key that could start both cars.

Well, it turns out Hatzi wasn’t the only one who was shocked and confused by what happened. The other person? You guessed it: The woman who looked out her window the next morning and noticed that her friend brought home a car that wasn’t hers. And not only did this woman return the car back to where her friend picked it up, but she also left 30 bucks for gas and a note that explained the truly unbelievable incident.

Unlike most car theft stories these days, this one actually has a happy ending. After a brief discussion with the police and car owner, the woman walked a block down the street to her own red Subaru and drove off.

We’ll set the over/under for how many times both women are asked to tell this story at their family get-togethers this holiday season at 200.


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